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Quick tips to keep seeing art4you Scotland Facebook posts

Facebook has made some changes to what you see in your news feed. Here’s how to ensure you still get our posts.


Facebook is changing the way we all engage with the network. While we are posting as much as ever, you might find that you’re seeing less of our content than previously. If you enjoy the daily art posts and our other feeds, a few simple clicks will ensure our posts remain visible.

How to make art4you Scotland a priority

  • Log in to your Facebook page and ‘like’ art4you Scotland at: if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the ‘down arrow’ on the blue toolbar at the top-right-hand side of the page to reveal ‘News Feed preferences’ (see below). If you’re on a mobile, click on the three horizontal lines on the toolbar at the top-right-hand side.

Tag us on Facebook @ArtistsAndIllustrators

  • Select ‘News Feed preferences’ and click ‘Prioritise who to see first’ (see below). This will allow you to select your favourite pages, friends and family. Select art4you Scotland as one of your preferred pages.

Tag us on Facebook @ArtistsAndIllustrators

Now you should be able to see us more regularly. We love to hear from you, and the more engagement you make with our Facebook page, the more likely we are to appear on your news feed.