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Kids art class

“Every child is an artist” Picasso
SIX reason why art is great for children
1. Learning to plan and execute their ideas
2. Improving their fine motor skills
3. Increasing their ability to observe and monitor the world around them
4. Developing more awareness of spatial relationships
5. Strengthening critical thinking and problem solving skills
6. Building self-confidence and independence

kids drawing class

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What do we offer during the art class for kids:

  • the class will focus on various forms of art – drawing, painting and sculpture – each block will vary
  • we work with different mediums like pencil, ink, charcoal, pastels, pens, sticks, watercolour, acrylic, oil and sometimes clay
  • shading, one-line drawing, cross hatching and other techniques will be covered for the drawing element of the class
  • introduction to well know artist and their techniques
  • discovering oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolour paint in different ways
  • ceramic handbuilding objects – not in all classes available
  • all art materials will be provided

Where does the kids art class take place:

  • art4you Scotland Studio, Oakwood Garden Centre, Killearn, G63 9PT
  • A bright country art studio located in converted steading between Glasgow and Stirling.

Who can come to the kids art class:

  • Children of all artistic ability aged between P5-P7

Who runs the kids class:

  • Artist Lorna Mackay. Lorna, artist, teacher and mother of two, has years of experience in the art world and teaching.
  • Artist Pete Morrison. Pete, artist and father of three has years of experience in the art world and transferring his passion for the art

How big is the group:

  • All of our art classes are run in small groups of up to max. 14 people

How much is a class:

Any other questions:

Please contact us by phone or contact form

Claudia 07981 768 081
for contact form click here

Kids drawing class kids drawing class kids drawing class                    


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