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Talk – The Master’s Secrets with Prof Erma Hermens

Date Wed 21st Nov, Time: 7 – 8.30pm, £12

@ art4you Scotland, Oakwood Garden Centre                            
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The Master’s Secrets: On how to paint flowers, lemons and much more in Dutch Golden Age Painting

Curious on why and how the Dutch Golden Age Painters were the best in rendering all kinds of materials, such as glass, gold, silver, velvet, fur and feathers, and fruits and flowers in their still life’s? What kind of technical tricks did they use and how did they make and manipulate their paints to utmost effect? In this talk we will look at some great examples of the immense skills of these artists gained through both art historical research and technical analyses that allows us to look through the painting layers, to get a better understanding of how they achieved their characteristic textures and colours.

Prof Erma Hermens is a leading scholar in the field of Technical Art History. After nine years at Glasgow University as senior lecturer, and although still partially based in Scotland, she is now a senior researcher at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, working with the museum’s curators, conservators and scientists, and occupies the Rijksmuseum Chair in Studio Practice and TAH at the University of Amsterdam. She is delighted to talk about her work as she examines the way paintings are made; investigating historical painting techniques and materials, and looking over the shoulder of the painter during the actual painting process. She works largely with interdisciplinary teams, combining contextual research of objects with scientific analytical data, revealing many fascinating practices and the Masters’ secrets and tricks of the trade.

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