art4you Scotland

Colour theory workshop

with Artist Ewen Duncan – Sunday 10th March, 10-4pm, £95
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The colour theory workshop will be a practice-based look at the three properties of colour, hue value and saturation, how these properties relate to each other and interact.

colour theory workshop

The workshop will briefly look at Munsell’s colour theory which first identified the three properties model of colour before looking at more contemporary ways of understanding how colour interacts and how paint colours can be understood in order to mix them in a methodical way to control as much as possible the paint mixing process.

Colour exercises will be created to be saved in a sketchbook for later reference. This theoretical and practical workshop is a great way to learn how to use colour with intention and learn to mix them with the desired result.

The workshop will give a framework to enable participants to continue colour exercises and experiments independently.

The workshop is very suitable for both beginners and more advanced artists who want to expand the knowledge of how to mix colour for their artwork.

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