art4you Scotland

re-opening art studio and art classes

re-opening date: 17th August

The plan below is not set in stone and we might have to make further adjustments but we feel it is a possible and safe way to restart.

To allow us to implement key elements for a safe re-opening after the summer holidays we have made a few changes to our time table and the structure of the studio.

We have joined the two studio rooms and only one class will be in the studio at a time. This allowing us to have one person per table following the recommended physical distancing rules. All classes still run for the same length as before but to allow one class at a time the class times and for some classes the day has changed.

We will continue to provide art materials and will be following safe practise regarding cleaning.

The new timetable is published in the course calendar. There might be changes closer to the time.

Should you have any questions or enquiries please get in touch.

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