art4you Scotland

Ceramics – hand building – Monday, start date 21 Oct 2019, 7-9pm, 8 wks


Thursday morning ceramics hand building class lead by Lorna MacKay allows you to dive into art and forgot about the day. All levels of ability, art classes are held in groups of max. 12 Discover the basics of ceramic design in the 2-hour ceramic hand building class. This ceramic classes is for anybody who wants to discover their artistic side or develop existing skills in ceramics. All levels are welcome, no previous experience is required. Several hand-building techniques will be demonstrated, including slab-building, coil building and pinch-building. Students will be encouraged to explore these techniques, guided by their individual vision for the work they wish to produce. Through this journey from conception to completion you will learn:

  • The properties of clay
  • How to prepare clay to begin working with it
  • How to use the slab roller
  • How to join pieces of clay together
  • How to dry your pieces without cracking
  • Glazing techniques
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