art4you Scotland

studio work with oil painting

Painting & Drawing with Pete – Friday, start date 24 Apr 2020, 10-12noon, 10wks


Meet friends, have fun, listen to music and do some art is the theme of Friday mornings art class. Great art gets produced whilst working in a bright studio surrounded by interesting people. All levels of ability, art classes are held in groups of max. 12 The Friday monring painting & drawing art class is for anybody who wants to discover their artistic side or develop existing skills in drawing & painting. All levels are welcome, no previous experience is required. Ewen and our visiting artists work with complete beginners to experienced artists. The emphasis in the art class is on drawing& painting and to have fun. The classes will follow the pattern of

  1. Presentation about an artist or technique then
  2. Demonstration of the technique to be used by the class and then
  3. Practice by the class of the demonstrated technique

Participation in these activities is not compulsory and students are encouraged to develop their own pieces to work in the class, this may be Still Life, Landscape or Figurative work. Beginners will be introduces to drawing & painting techniques that will help them to progress and grow in confidence. Ewen and our visiting artists will tutor and advise towards the individual outcome. Suggestions for pieces to work on can be provided. When possible we may work outside.

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